PubMed transition from legacy platform to New PubMed

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is transitioning to a new PubMed platform. This new interface incorporates changes to both the inner workings of PubMed (e.g. search algorithms/term mapping) as well as to the look and feel of the website, one that is much more compatible with mobile devices.

Both the new and legacy versions of PubMed are available for now. Later in 2020, the NLM plans to phase out the legacy version. While we want users to become comfortable with the New PubMed and encourage everyone to explore the new version, there are a few caveats to keep in mind:

  1. You can easily toggle back and forth between the two versions via the prominent banners on both sites. However, “Find article”     links to content may be lost when toggling. To get them back, return to our PubMed login page and select the desired version.
  2. Although it is easy to move back and forth between the two PubMeds, your work in one will not automatically be available or saved in the other, except for collections and searches saved in myNCBI. If for example, you add articles to a clipboard in one, that clipboard is not available on the other. A history of your searches in the “Advanced” feature of PubMed will also not be available in the other version. The work-around is to be sure to save items in NCBIs “Collections” or save searches and alerts in “Saved Searches,” which will be available from either site.
  3. To reiterate, all Saved Searches and Collections from legacy PubMed will be retained in your NCBI account and can be accessed from either version of PubMed.
Some of the unique new features of the new PubMed include the following:
  • Preview snippets from the abstracts on the results page
  • Page from abstract to abstract
  • Navigate around a record using the sidebar
  • Cite in your preferred format
  • Share via social media or permalink
  • Access everything from your mobile device
The New PubMed also incorporates favorite features of legacy PubMed including:
  • Results-by-year graph
  • Filters
  • Send to collection
  • Send to clipboard
  • Send to My Bibliography
  • Save and Email results
  • Links from the journal title
  • Search from the MeSH database
  • Search from NLM Catalog
  • Clinical Queries
  • Single Citation Matcher
  • Batch Citation Matcher


For further information, please see the PubMed User Guide, continuously updated by the National Library of Medicine.

Last updated Jan 31, 2020 by cdstewart