Strategic Plan

Strategic Directions/Goals

1.  Transform services to respond to the evolving needs of our users

2.  Ensure the most value for the collection as the library's purchasing power continues to significantly decline.

3.  Identify and tap new sources of revenue to enable our mission

4.  Increase the value of the library to its users by increasing collaboration and involvement in the Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC) and broader constituencies by promoting key services and resources

5.  Improve and increase internal communication, staff morale and opportunities for teamwork and meaningful participation to advance our mission

6.  Optimize library facilities on both the Tucson and Phoenix campuses and promote the use of the library’s physical resources for the benefit of the health sciences community

7.  Advance AHSL community and statewide/regional engagement by identifying and exploring new outreach and partnership opportunities to improve health literacy and to improve access to trustworthy health information.



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