The Health Sciences Library is open to UAHS affiliates with an active CatCard.
Please review all guidelines here before visiting the library.


AHSL, the Place for Serious Study

Mar 19, 2012

Students at the Arizona Health Sciences Center are preparing to be our doctors, nurses, pharmacists and public health professionals of tomorrow. They take their studies very seriously and so does the Arizona Health Sciences Library.

Everywhere in the Library 

• Respect those doing serious study.

• Move quietly and avoid distracting others.

• Put cell phones on vibrate (use only outside the library).

• Do not use stairwells for conversations or to use cell phones—voices echo throughout the library.

• Report disruptive behavior to the Information Desk:

• Never leave your belongings unattended. 

Group Study

• Group Study Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. Check out keys at the Information Desk.

• Use Java City area on 2nd floor to work as a group.

• Keep voices low.

Individual Silent Study

• 3rd & 4th floors.

• No talking or group work.

Individual Quiet Study

• 2nd floor around Information Desk and computer lab.

• Librarians and staff may be assisting people in this area and some quiet conversation may be heard.

Need a place to socialize?

• Student Union

• UA Medical Center cafeteria

• Under the trees around the Hippocrates statue

• 4th Avenue

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