AHSL Proxy Bookmarklet

Apr 17, 2012

We generally recommend that you access library resources, such as databases, ejournals and ebooks, through the AHSL website because the links are configured to authenticate you through the proxy server if you are off campus.  But if you maintain bookmarks to library resources or receive links from other sources, you will want to try out the new AHSL Proxy Bookmarklet by following the directions to add it to the browser on your computer or to your iPhone or iPad.  

What’s a bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is a combination of a browser bookmark and a JavaScript application.  In the case of the AHSL Proxy Bookmarklet, the bookmarklet will prepend information to a URL which will invoke the authentication process.  You will be prompted to log in with your NetID and password if you are not already authenticated.  For example, a colleague sends you a link to an article in an email.  When you click on the link from home you are not recognized as coming from the UA and are asked for payment.  If you click on the AHSL Proxy Bookmarklet that you’ve added to your browser, you will be prompted to authenticate before being passed through to the article if AHSL licenses that content.

Keep in mind . . .

The AHSL Bookmarklet will only work with electronic resources that are licensed by the University of Arizona.  In addition, not every resource has been configured for the proxy server.  In either case you will receive this message:

"The website link you are trying to access at ___________ has not been properly configured for UA access. This is probably just an error on our part, but it could be a phishing attempt. If _______ isn't where you were expecting to go you may not want to continue."

We hope you find the AHSL Proxy Bookmarklet a useful tool.  Please let us know how it works for you - give us feedback.

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