Your Access to UpToDate May Be Affected

Nov 21, 2012


The University of Arizona licenses access to UpToDate, which has begun enforcing restrictions that could affect your ability to use the resource from remote locations. 

Access restrictions apply to the following categories of UA faculty:

1) Designated Campus Colleague (DCC) Associate Faculty 

2) Designated Campus Colleague (DCC) Affiliate Faculty

Generally, the above categories represent either “community faculty” who contribute to the UA health sciences education programs without remuneration or physicians whose primary employer is an institution which has entered into a formal affiliation agreement with the UA and who contribute to the UA’s health sciences education programs. 

If you are a UA DCC Associate or Affiliate Faculty and have been using UpToDate via the University of Arizona subscription, you will soon find that off-site access to UpToDate via the UA will no longer be available.  On-site access from computers in the Arizona Health Sciences Library will continue to be available.  Access to most other digital resources licensed by the UA remains available to Designated Campus Colleagues including Associate and Affiliate Faculty.

The cost of licensing UpToDate for the University of Arizona is paid for via a joint effort between the UA College of Medicine and the University of Arizona Health Network. To find out how to set up an individual subscription to UpToDate in order to continue your access, see (click on Subscription Options in the navigation bar).

If you have any questions, please contact:

Dave Piper
Digital Resources Librarian

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