4th Floor Open Again for Study

May 17, 2013

Study carrels on 4th floor

Construction on the library’s 4th floor is now complete and the floor is open again to AHSC students. 4th floor group study rooms may be checked out from the Information Desk on the 2nd floor. Study carrels are also available and located in front of the rooms. 

We have been told that 24/7 training on the Epic Electronic Health Record will start June 1st in the 4th floor classrooms, but you may find trainers testing the classrooms, equipment and training materials periodically through the end of this month.

On the 3rd floor, 42 private study cubes have been installed in addition to many study tables and carrels. Please note that the 30 private study cubes located on the west side of the of floor are available for use.

Nearly a half mile of print journals (15,506 volumes to be precise) and shelving  was removed to make room for additional study space. Most of the material in these volumes will continue to be available electronically. Thanks to everyone for your patience and cooperation!

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