Embase - Comprehensive Biomedical Database

Oct 18, 2013

The Arizona Health Sciences Library is now offering access to Embase, the international biomedical and pharmacological database that indexes 7500 journals and over 260,000 conference abstracts. A major strength of Embase is its in-depth coverage of over 30,000 drugs and chemicals.

When is Medline (PubMed & Ovid) not enough? Studies show that searching Embase should be considered whenever it’s important to obtain comprehensive results or when searching for drug information.  All Medline records are included in Embase in addition to 5 million records and 2,000 journals not covered by Medline. Embase is a powerful tool for the physician, researcher and scientist.

Coverage of the literature in Embase goes back to 1946, which can support the discovery of new uses for older drugs as well as offer a historical review of diseases and drug actions.

Embase may be accessed by the UA Community only. You must have a UA NetID and password. If you need help accessing or searching Embase, contact the AHSL Librarian at your AHSC College.



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