New UA Libraries Delivery System

Aug 22, 2014

Choose ‘AHSL-Tucson’ for your pickup location

Over the summer AHSL and the UA Libraries created a new system for delivering books & other library materials to AHSC-Tucson faculty & students. Now you can have books from any UA Library delivered to AHSL-Tucson for pickup. It works for interlibrary loan books too!

Request item from:


UA Libraries

Search the Library Catalog at the AHSL website to find the book(s) you want at any UA Library on the Tucson campus, including the Main Library and Science and Engineering.* Click on the ‘Request this Item’ button, then login with your UA NetID and choose ‘AHSL-Tucson’ for your pickup location. You are asked to choose a pickup location for each item you request.


Submit a request for an interlibrary loan to or from the AHSL website—go to “Request Materials” --and login with your UA NetID. Be sure to notice the pick-up location (library) at the top of the screen. The default is ‘Main Library.’ To change it, click on “Request” and select ‘AHSL-Tucson.’ This will be your pickup location for all your requests until you change it. Here's more information about the merged UAL and AHSL interlibrary loan services,













*Some library materials do not circulate and are not eligible for this service. 

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