Update Your Interlibrary Loan User Account

Jun 17, 2014
A new feature has been added to the UA Libraries Interlibrary Loan system that allows you to select your preferred delivery location for interlibrary loan books (article copies and book chapters are only delivered electronically).
The default has been set to "Main Library," but it's easy to change by following these steps:

1) Log into the UAL Interlibrary Loan system:  https://azilliad.library.arizona.edu/illiad/illiad.dll

2) Click on "Change User Information" in the Main menu -- bottom of column on the left.


3) Use the dropdown menu to select the library where you wish to pick up your interlibrary loan books. Select "AHSL-Tucson" for pick-up at the AHSL Tucson Information Desk. If you select "AHSL-Phoenix" or "Distance User," supply the address where you wish to have interlibrary books sent directly to you via FedEx.



4) Click "Submit Information" to complete the update. 

That's it!


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