Javad Basij retires after 36 years of service

Jul 1, 2020

After over thirty-six years of dedicated service, our beloved colleague Javad Basij is retiring from the University of Arizona Health Sciences Library. As both Library Operations Supervisor and Building Manager, Javad has been an integral part of our library and the University of Arizona Health Sciences community, recognized and respected by all for his grace and professionalism. According to former colleague and forever friend Dave Piper, "It is only a slight exaggeration to say that Javad knows practically everyone at Health Sciences – students, faculty, administrative and departmental staff persons, the custodians, facilities personnel and outside contractors, as well as the library’s community users. And everyone, it seems, knows him. They soon learn that if they have a library- or information-related need, Javad can help them or direct them to someone who can."

Javad's tireless contributions to our daily operations and overall success have been invaluable. Former Director Gary Freiburger noted that his insights and sense of humor have helped defuse difficult situations at the service desk as well as lighten up the moment at many a staff meeting. Javad has both guided and cared for every single individual who has entered this library. His love for the University of Arizona, the libraries and all of our students, faculty and staff has been a continuous theme in his many years of service. 

Javad's commitment to and love for Health Sciences students is legendary. They are always first in his mind. He has been a tireless advocate for them, reminding us always how important excellent library service is for Arizona's and the nation's future healthcare providers. Among his many accomplishments, in the 1990s, Javad was key to insuring access to the library overnight via staffing by students, long before the technology we have now for CatCard-enabled access. In the early 2000s he worked closely with Dave Piper as the library extended access to curriculum-based learning content in video and DVD formats. This last decade he has been a compassionate and committed leader of the Library Services Desk team. It is hard to put into words what Javad truly means to all of us here at Health Sciences. He is treasured. Please join us in wishing Javad every success and happiness in his well-deserved retirement.

Jerry Perry
Associate Dean and Director, University of Arizona Health Sciences Library

Mikel Bates
Program Coordinator, Senior