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4th Floor Update

Jan 22, 2015

Over the last year the number of AHSC faculty and staff involved in supporting research has jumped.  In addition the plans of Banner Healthcare to build a new hospital have the potential to displace many clinical faculty and departments.  These situations have contributed to an already critical shortage of office space.  For these reasons the AHSC administration has been forced to look at all options for making optimal use of space on campus.


Jul 28, 2014

Welcome or welcome back to campus!  We in the library look forward to meeting you and working with you. 

We’ve continued to spruce up the study space in the library over the summer.  The old lounge chairs have been replaced with new ones scattered around the building.  Those who were here last semester may not have noticed the new chairs or the new doors on the third and fourth floors of the library, meant to keep noise from leaking into study areas from the elevator lobby.  Remember that the fourth floor is reserved for AHSC students.  In addition to the eight study rooms we now have 48 study “cubes” and 22 new study tables up there.  For those who want to be surrounded by books and journals, the third floor has additional study cubes and study tables.  As always, if you are bothered by noise in the study areas please notify the desk staff ASAP!

The library and research?

Jun 18, 2014

Both UA President Hart and Senior Vice President Garcia have made it clear that a primary goal of the university is to increase the amount of research being carried out at the university.  How can the library advance this goal?  AHSL librarians have spent several months discussing how we can better support research on campus.  We have interviewed seventeen people from around campus including Associate Vice Presidents, Associate Deans, faculty researchers, research office staff and our own librarians and staff.

We have learned that many of our services already contribute to the success of the university’s research mission.  Our librarians conduct in-depth literature reviews.  Not only is a literature search a vital part of any grant application but it can also help to identify potential research partners or uncover potential new directions for research.

Be our guest!

May 2, 2014


From now until mid-June we know that you will be studying for exams and Boards.  Please help yourself to coffee, tea and cookies in the library lobby each evening until May 14.

Our 4th floor is now reserved for AHSC students. In addition to the eight group study rooms we now have forty-eight powered individual study cubes and twenty-two powered study tables. In addition the “purple” silent study room has over twenty-five seats available and is accessible only with an AHSC CatCard.

We also have the thirty-six powered study cubes on the 3rd floor and over forty seats at study tables available.

For those who do not want or need an overly quiet space there are a large number of study seats on the 2nd floor in addition to over 20 group study rooms.

We have also extended our hours to be open until midnight every day from May 1 through June 19.

Please let us know what we can do to improve your study experience.

VETS Center in the library

Mar 31, 2014

On April 10 from 4-5 PM we celebrated the grand opening of the VETS (Veterans Education and Transition Services) Center in the Arizona Health Sciences Library.  The center is located in the “Java City” area of the library.  The VETS Center is open to all veterans, both students and veterans in the community.  It is a meeting place and a place where veterans can get information on benefits and various programs available to them.

The number of veterans returning to higher education has increased and is expected to grow.  The university is committed to helping veterans achieve success and to create a climate that is welcoming and inclusive of their unique talents and experiences.

The AHSL VETS Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30-5:00 and is staffed by trained student vets who are knowledgeable about the campus.

 - Gary Freiburger, Director

New study furniture in an old space!

Feb 26, 2014

The fourth floor of the library is finally available as a new and improved study space.  Most of the old furniture has been removed (this is still in progress.)  We have added 48 new study cubicles, identical to those on the third floor.  They are six feet square and have power outlets.  One desk (for now) on each floor is standing height.

We have also purchased 22 new study tables, also with power outlets.  These are fairly small to discourage groups from gathering and making unwanted noise.  For the time being the tables are arranged around the perimeter of the floor, near the power outlets.  Some of our 150 new chairs are on the fourth floor while others are distributed on the second and third floors.

Are libraries and librarians still relevant?

Nov 18, 2013

Are libraries and librarians still relevant in this age of electronic information? 

Improving your study space

Sep 23, 2013

The library staff is working to improve the quantity and quality of study spaces in the library.  Using funds obtained by “renting” the 4th floor to the University of Arizona Healthcare Network (UAHN) through November, we will be able to purchase new study chairs, tables and cubicles.

We have listened to your preferences and watched to see how various pieces of furniture are used.  As I write this we have four new sample chairs near the Information Desk.  We are asking for your preferences for these task and lounge chairs.  We are walking around the library counting the number of people using different types of study spaces and sometimes asking you why you prefer a table over a cubicle, or how much space you need to spread out, or how many devices you normally need to charge.


Jul 24, 2013

Welcome or welcome back to campus!  We in the library look forward to meeting you and working with you. 

A lot is happening in the building this semester.  Most noticeably the University of Arizona Health Network is using the fourth floor as a training space for the new EPIC electronic health records system.  Group study rooms on the fourth floor are still available but may be noisy.  As alternatives AHSC students can use the “silent study room” off the elevator lobby of the fourth floor (accessible with your CatCard) or use some of the new study spaces on the third floor.

Improving Our Study Space

Jun 20, 2013

The library is receiving “rent” money from the UAHN EPIC training project’s use of the library 4th floor.  This money is earmarked for improvements to study space on the third floor.

We have already added study “cubes” to the third floor and a new large study table.  We are looking for some more modern and comfortable chairs.  Please share your suggestions with any of the library staff or send them directly to me at .

- Gary Freiburger, Director