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The Future of Libraries?

Jan 3, 2013

Last summer and early fall the "Library of the Future Task Force" met to discuss roles and models for librarians and libraries on the future health sciences campus.  Here is their final report.  It's not long nor technical.  I'd be interested in your reactions and comments.

 - Gary Freiburger, Director, Arizona Health Sciences Library


Final Report

Library of the Future Task Force

October 1, 2012

Member List

Gary Freiburger-Chair-AHSL-Tucson                                                            Janis Burt-Physiology

Changes coming to the Fourth Floor!

Nov 27, 2012


The Fourth Floor

By mid-February, if not sooner, the fourth floor of the library will take on a whole new look.  Over fifty individual study cubicles will be installed in the area in front of the group study rooms.  A large portion of the room will remain available for group events such as the interprofessional training sessions.

Signs will be posted limiting the use of the floor to AHSC students only.  Library staff will respond quickly to any concerns about noisy or inappropriate use of the space.

Already the “purple” silent study room on the fourth floor has had card readers installed.  Access is limited to AHSC students.

We believe that these changes will create a better study environment for our students and we thank the College of Medicine for funding this project!

Preserving Print

Apr 24, 2012

What should the role of the library be in preserving print copies of journals, books and unpublished or “rare” materials?

Different libraries at different institutions will give different answers for each of these kinds of printed information.  I’d like to give you some background that we might use to make these judgments and present some of the questions we face.

Our liaison model

Mar 19, 2012

Libraries and the way librarians do their jobs are changing as rapidly as any unit on campus.  Yes, researchers have access to better and different equipment each year, clinicians enjoy the benefits of new treatments and pharmaceuticals, and even our business managers have access to powerful new computer programs.  However the very nature of our libraries is changing.

The image of the library has historically been tied to the library building and the collection of printed books and journals.  When people had to visit the building to consult the collection, there were many opportunities for librarians to help find information that might be buried in some obscure title.

Do we need a library building?

Jan 20, 2012

You may have heard that the Director of the Welch Medical Library at Johns Hopkins University announced in October that the library building would be closing in favor of study areas all across the campus and librarians “embedded” in the schools.  However, some weeks later an announcement was issued stating that the decision is being temporarily rescinded until a large representative committee can study the plan and make recommendations.

Welcome from the Director

Dec 19, 2011

Welcome to the redesigned library website.  We hope that it will be easier for you to get to the information you need thanks to our new format.  In addition our librarians will be working to provide up to the minute links to additional information resources.  Be sure to check out your College-specific information linked by the pictures in the middle of the home page!

I will be updating this blog on a regular basis after the first of the year to keep you informed about new developments in the library.  Thanks for visiting and come back often!

 - Gary Freiburger, Director