Connect from off campus

UA NetID/WebAuth

When off campus, use the Health Sciences Library website to link to restricted resources (eJournals, databases, etc.). You will automatically be redirected to a login screen for authentication of your UA status. Enter your NetID and password and you'll have access to all library resources for the duration of the browser session.  

Alternatively, use the Health Sciences Library proxy bookmarklet if you link to restricted resources from sources other than the Health Sciences Library website. Download it to your computer browser or your iPhone, Android or iPad.

A third option is to install the UA VPN (Virtual Private Network) software on your off-campus computer. This allows you to connect to the University and immediately be recognized as a UA affiliate. The VPN also provides extra security by encrypting data to and from your computer. 
Note: the VPN cannot be used to access UpToDate.

Download VPN software

General info about installing & using the VPN client

Create your UA NetID

Go to the UA NetID webpage with the following information:

  • Your 8-digit employee or student ID (older ID numbers were 9-digits)
  • PIN number (one-time PIN number sent directly from UA upon admission or new hire)
  • Your birthdate

Preceptors and Community Faculty: If you are lacking any of the above information, contact your college/department. Be aware that most, but not all, library resources will be available to you from off campus. See Access to UpToDate.

Banner-UMC locations: As the transition proceeds, access to UA-licensed information resources will be restricted to UA affiliates within Banner-UMC (Tucson, South & clinics). See services for Banner-UMC.

For more assistance

Forgot your NetID or password? Reset it here. For all other problems with your UA NetID, contact the University Information Technology Services (UITS) help desk.

Check here for troubleshooting advice for other problems accessing library resources from off campus or contact us about your problem.

Last updated Jun 23, 2016 by cameronwiles