Group Study Rooms/Media Rooms/Study Spaces

Faculty, staff and students in the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health may check out group study room keys at the Information Desk.  White boards are located in all rooms and markers are available for checkout.

Group study rooms (2nd & 3rd floors)

  • Room keys are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no advance reservations.
  • Rooms are checked out for a 4-hour period.

  • Some rooms are larger and designed for group study and are checked out to groups of two or more people. A single individual may check out a room if there are rooms available and there is no "wait list.'  Exceptions are 2150X, 3150D and 3150H, which always require 2 or more people.

  • Rooms may be left unoccupied for up to 60 minutes without surrendering the room. You must place the room key in the hold basket at the Information Desk if leaving the library for even a few minutes. Failure to comply with this library policy may result in privileges being revoked.

  • Markers and erasers may be checked out for use in the library. 

Conference rooms (2150M, 2150N & 2150P)

Rooms are equipped with large computer screens. Three or more people must be present for check out.

Procedures for "Wait List"

When all group study rooms are checked out, library staff will begin a ‘wait list’ and place a sign at the Information Desk. The following procedures will automatically go into effect to facilitate equitable sharing of this popular resource:
  • If you have a room key in the hold basket for over 30 minutes, you will receive an email asking you to relinquish the room for the benefit of study groups on the ‘wait list.'  You or another member of your study group must return within ½ hour to retain claim to the room. If the room continues to remain vacant, your belongings may be removed and stored in a safe place for later retrieval. 
  • If you have exceeded the check-out period of 4 hours, you will receive an email asking you to relinquish the room for the benefit of others. Immediately return the room key to the Information Desk. You may renew the room at the discretion of library staff.
  • Rooms will only be checked out to groups of 2 or more people. Two people must remain in the room during the checkout period.


  • Report any abnormal temperatures to the Information Desk.

  • Do not move furniture into or out of the study rooms.

  • Observe the AHSL Snack & Beverage Policy. Clean up all messes and discard trash before exiting.

  • Be careful to keep voices low. The study & media rooms are not soundproof and discussions, even in normal voices, may disturb other users.

  • Please erase all markings on the whiteboard when you leave the room for the day.  Marks left on whiteboards for extended periods may stain permanently.

  • Turn off the lights and close the door when leaving.

  • Return the group study room keys along with any markers or erasers to the Information Desk.

Consideration of your fellow users and cooperation with these policies are greatly appreciated.




Last updated Apr 9, 2015 by Joan Schlimgen