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Alert:DocOrder Changes Ahead

DocOrder is merging with the UA Main Library’s interlibrary loan operation. The new, improved service will launch on May 19th. Continue to use AHSL DocOrder, EXCEPT when ordering BOOKS. Start submitting all book requests through the UA Main Library effective immediately. 
Go to Main Library: Login with your UA NetID.
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AHSL DocOrder & Interlibrary Loan

Use DocOrder to submit and track requests for articles and books not owned or licensed by the library. You may also use DocOrder to request a PDF copy of an article or book chapter from the library's print collection. Registration is required.  Learn more with the DocOrder Tutorial.

Once your requested item has been obtained through interlibrary loan, the PDF copy of the article or book chapter is delivered to your DocOrder account. Loaned books are held at the Information Desk (Tucson or Phoenix) for pickup. 

Register in DocOrder 

Register before using DocOrder for the first time. Read and click on the "First Time Users Click Here" button to agree to the terms of the U.S. Copyright Law. Register using the DocOrder Tutorial.

Complete the registration form. Include your CatCard or AHSL Library card number. Only UA or UAHN email accounts can be accepted.

Once you've registered, you can use DocOrder to track the status of requests, edit your account and download article copies that have been delivered electronically. You will use your username & password to logon to DocOrder.

Who may use DocOrder?

Only current students, staff, and faculty of the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health and UA Healthcare may use DocOrder.

Please note:

UA faculty and students who are not affiliated with the above Colleges should submit their requests to the University of Arizona Libraries. For more information, please contact the UA Libraries Interlibrary Loan Services.

Faculty and students on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus should use DocOrder instead of the Express Retrieval option in the Library Catalog to request print books that are located at the AHSL and UA Libraries. 

Persons not affiliated with the University of Arizona may obtain services from AHSL through the National Library of Medicine's Loansome Doc service.


Submit a request

Log on to DocOrder and click on one of the following request types under New Request in the menu.

  • Article Copy:  Request a copy of an article from a journal, newspaper, or other serial

  • Book:  Request the loan of a physical book.  This may also be used for AV formats such as CDs or DVDs, although these items can be difficult to obtain through interlibrary loan.

  • Book Chapter:  Request a copy of a chapter from a book or proceeding from a conference.


Check status of a request

Log on to DocOrder and select the link View> Outstanding Requests in the menu. 

Click on the transaction # to see more detailed information.


Cancel a request

Log on to DocOrder and select the link View> Outstanding Requests in the menu. Click on the transaction # of the request , then on Cancel Request.  The Cancel button will not be available if the request is already in process.


Requests canceled by library

AHSL will cancel your request if the item:

  • is owned by AHSL
  • is a duplicate request
  • is in a non-circulating collection (Reference, Reserves, Special Collections)
  • is a class textbook (please see bookstore)
  • cannot be verified as cited
  • is too recently published to be available through Interlibrary Loan
  • cannot be located in a library
  • exceeds copyright limits
In some cases you may receive an email message that provides options that you are asked to choose from before your request can be processed. Please direct any questions you have to DocOrder & Interlibrary Loan.

Paying copyright & other fees

AHSL absorbs almost all costs associated with filling interlibrary and document delivery requests, but some fees may apply for copyright or additional services.  If you incur charges, you will be asked to provide a UAccess Financial Account or credit card number for payment.  You may always choose to cancel the request if you don't wish to pay the copyright or other fees.

How long does it take to receive a requested item?

Requests that can be filled from the AHSL collection are processed within 48 hours (Monday-Friday). The Library's Catalog, can be consulted to determine whether an item is held at AHSL.

Requests that must be referred to another library take an average of 3 working days for articles and 10 working days for books.  Some items can be difficult to locate and may take weeks or even months to obtain.  It is advisable to always indicate the time frame in which you must have the material.

If an item is needed more quickly than the normal turnaround times outlined above, RUSH processing may be requested.  Additional charges apply (see fees).  For same day service, it is recommended that you contact us to determine if your deadline can be met. 

Delivery/Pickup of requested items

You will be sent an email notification when your interlibrary loan request is available:  

  • All articles and book chapters are delivered in PDF through your DocOrder account.  Logon to DocOrder and select the link View> Electronically Delivered Articles.  Click on the PDF image to open the document and save to your desktop. Articles will remain accessible up to 30 days after posting. You must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Download the Acrobat Reader from the Adobe Systems, Inc. website for free.

  • AHSL-Tucson or AHSL-Phoenix: books and other materials are held for pick-up at the Information Desk in either library.  The location is based on the campus you selected in your DocOrder user account.  Items can be returned to either library.

  • Distance students:  If you are within the state of Arizona, but outside the cities of Tucson and Phoenix, books will be sent to you via U.S. mail. A mailing label will be included for return, but AHSL cannot reimburse for return postage.

  • Materials should be picked-up promptly as the due date has already been set.  If an item has not been picked up by its due date, it will be returned to the lending library.  Those who repeatedly fail to pick up their loaned materials, may have their DocOrder accounts blocked.

Renew a loaned item

The due date for your item can be found on the front cover strap which will also indicate if there are restrictions such as no renewals. It is the lending library that determines whether an item may or may not be renewed.  If a renewal is allowed, it must be done within 5 days prior to the due date.

Logon to DocOrder and select View> Checked Out Items.  Click on the Transaction # for your item and then select Renew.  If you are not within the eligible time period for the renewal, your request will be rejected.  Otherwise you will receive an email message with your new renewal date.


Return a loaned item

Loaned items must be returned to the AHSL Information Desk by the due date so they can be mailed back to the lending library.  There is no grace period.  Not returning items on time may put the library's borrowing privileges at risk.  Users who repeatedly return ILL materials late or lose them may have their accounts blocked in DocOrder.

Forgot Username or Password

Go to the "Forgot Password" screen and type in your username to reset your password.  A message will be sent to the email address in your DocOrder account. Check your email and click on the link to change your password.  Your password is encrypted so that it is not readable and we cannot tell you what your password was.

 If you've forgotten your username, please contact DocOrder & Interlibrary Loan to have the password reset for you.

Blocked in DocOrder

Your DocOrder Account may be blocked for the following reasons:

  • Overdue or lost materials

  • Unpaid fines

  • Repeatedly not picking up delivered materials

You will be notified if a block is placed against your DocOrder account.

Access Problems

If you are encountering problems viewing or printing your article(s), try the following:

  • Download your article and then save the PDF on your computer's hard drive by clicking on Save to Disk .  You may then print or view your articles off-line.
  • Be sure you have the latest Adobe Reader installed on your computer. It is free.

For additional help, contact us.

Contact us:
DocOrder & Interlibrary Loan Services 
phone: 520-626-6840
fax: 520-626-2831


See also: Interlibrary Loan Policies & Fees


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