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The computers in the Computer Lab offer curriculum-based programs, statistical software and general productivity applications, as well as access to the Internet through the campus network. Scanners and printers are also available.


Computers & Equipment

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UA Computer Policies

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You must have a current UA CatCard, UA Health Network ID or AHSL library card and fall within one of the following categories:

  • student, staff or faculty of the UA College of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy or Public Health
  • UA Health Network staff
  • Healthcare practitioner with an AHSL Community Card

To request temporary Computer Lab privileges for visiting AHSC faculty, contact the Assistant Director for Services.

Computers & Equipment

Every computer has Microsoft Office (2010 PC/2011 Mac) and an Internet browser installed. See Computer Lab Software for a list of software loaded on each computer.

Windows PCs & Scanners

There are 31 Windows-based PCs. Three color scanners are available, all offering text conversion (OCR) and graphical sanning software as well as various image editing software.


There are 4 iMacs. To use an iMac, go to the Information Desk to check out a keyboard and mouse and have a staff member log you in. Printing is not yet available from the iMacs.

Important: Do not save your work on a Computer Lab computer as it will be deleted on reboot. Save your work often and use a portable storage device to store your data or some other personal storage method.


PCs in the Computer Lab are connected to a networked self-service printer that can print either black and white or color. Black and white copies are 10 cents per page; color copies are 75 cents per page. Payment may be made with a UA CatCard or coins/cash. Add value to your CatCard by using the computers in the lab. Login to CatCa$h to start the process. Visitor cards for non-UA users may be obtained from the AHSL Information Desk. Use the Guest/Visitor Login to add value to the card.

For high quality or volume color prints at reduced prices, submit your job online to Copy Technology Services.

Printing Step-by-step

  • To print a document (PC only at this time), use the print command for the application you are in.
  • A dialogue box will appear prompting you to enter your name. You may type in your name or anything that will help you to recognize your print job.
  • Another dialogue box will ask you to assign a password to your print job. This is optional. If you assign a password, you must type it twice.
  • Go to the UniPrint wordstation. On the monitor, locate your print job and select it. The program will display the number of pages and cost for your print job.
  • Insert a UA CatCard or cash/coin in an amount sufficient to pay for your print job and click the PRINT button. Your print job will be printed and any change will be deposited in the change slot.
  • NOTE: For color print jobs, you will need to select the color printer as part of the print command. Some computers do not have color printing enabled. If you have any questions, please ask Information Desk staff for assistance.

UA Computer Policies

Computer and network resources are provided for legitimate academic, administrative and health information-related purposes which further the mission of the University.  The computer lab is subject to all relevant UA policies. Failure to abide by these policies may result in the revocation of privileges.

    Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks
    UITS Email Policies
    Electronic Privacy Statement Policy
    UA Information Security Policy

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