Wireless Access

 There are two available wireless (WiFi) networks at both Phoenix and Tucson campuses:

UAWiFi – for UA affiliates only -- requires setup

UAPublic - free and open to everyone, no setup necessary

  • Not as fast as UAWiFi, (256kb limit)
  • Not secure -- unencrypted
  • Allows connection to the Internet without NetID and Password
  • IP address shows as "on-campus" so authentication is not required to access library and other UA resources
  • Connect to UA Public

More Information

Set up your laptop (required for UAWiFi)

Preceptors, Community Faculty & Visiting Scholars

  • Access is available to everyone through the UAPublic wireless network.
  • For UAWiFi, contact your department/college about getting a NetID and Password.

Banner-University Medical Center (Tucson, South & Clinics)

Banner employees with no UA affiliation are not eligible for a UA NetID -- use the UAPublic network.

Handhelds, PDAs and smartphones

Most smartphones and PDAs should have access to UAPublic. For access to the encrypted UAWiFi network, see UITS PDA/Smartphone Support page.

Known Connectivity Problems

  •  Intel Proset wireless adapter and configuration program:
    •  It is advised that you uninstall the Intel program and use the Windows program (Windows Zero Config) to configure the wireless setting.
  • Some Dell computers with Trumobile wireless adapters
    •  WPA2 and WEP settings are swapped. You will need to manually reset the connection. Once you connect o UAWiFi, your system will cache your credentials indefinitely. If you need to change the login, it is required that you remove and re-create the network definition completely.



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