Wireless access

There are two available wireless (WiFi) networks at both the Phoenix and Tucson campuses:

UAWiFi: for UA affiliates only, requires setup

UAPublic: free and open to everyone, no setup necessary

  • Slow (256kb limit)
  • Not secure, unencrypted
  • Allows connection to the Internet without a NetID and password
  • IP address shows up as "on-campus" so authentication is not required to access most UA-licensed e-resources
  • Connect to UAPublic

Set up your laptop (required for UAWiFi)

Preceptors, community faculty, & visiting scholars

Banner-University Medical Center (Tucson, South, & clinics)

Banner employees with no UA affiliation are not eligible for a UA NetID and must use the UAPublic network.

Handhelds, PDAs, and smartphones

Most smartphones and PDAs should have access to UAPublic. For access to the encrypted UAWiFi network, see "How to connect to UAWiFi" in the "Getting Started" section of the UITS wireless data connectivity (UAWiFi) page.

Known connectivity problems

  • Intel Proset wireless adapter and configuration program
    • It is advised that you uninstall the Intel program and use the Windows program (Windows Zero Config) to configure the wireless setting.
  • Some Dell computers with Trumobile wireless adapters
    • WPA2 and WEP settings are swapped. You will need to manually reset the connection. Once you connect to UAWiFi, your system will cache your credentials indefinitely. If you need to change the login, it is required that you remove and re-create the network definition completely.



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