Prescription for Health - Topic: Food and nutrition

Program Title Guest Speaker(s)
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Temkin, Lawrence P., MD
Bozzo, Paul D., MD
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How's Your Diet?
Hawkins, Anne Marie, MD
O' Sullivan, Adele M., Sister, MD
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Fussy Eaters
DeBenedetti, Clifford D., MD
Goodsite, Ronald A., MD
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Answer To A Teen Question: "Am I Too Fat?"
Rosenzweig, Herschel D., MD
Cohen, Michael W., MD
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Vegetarian Diets
Erdman, Steven H., MD
Demer, Jeanne, RD, CNSD
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Milk: A Controversial Food?
Allen, David R., MD
Manthei, Uwe, MD
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Diets and Dieting
Hindenlang, Roberta (Bobbi) Jean, DO
Wiseley, Lisa, MS, RD
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Coffee and Caffeine
Evans, Bradley D., MD
Temkin, Lawrence P., MD
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Food Poisoning
Carpenter, Cheryl, RPh, CSPI
Keys, Marilyn, MSRD