Allen, Charles H.

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Surgeon at Fort Lowell Apr 20, 1883-May 15, 1883 (temporary duty). Returned as post surgeon Oct 1884-Dec 7, 1884; then transferred to Ft McDowell.
Source: Schuler, Harold H. “We served at Fort Lowell.” Arizona Historical Society, 2000.

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J Am Med Assoc, Sep 1888; XI: 396: Official List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Officers Serving in the Medical Department U. S. Army, from September 1, 1888, to September 7, 1888. A Board of medical officers to consist of Major Charles H. Allen, Surgeon; Major George M. Sternberg, Surgeon; Major Henry McElderry, Surgeon; Capt. Edw. C. Carter, Asst. Surgeon, is constituted to meet in New York City on October 1, 1888, or as soon thereafter as practicable, for the examination of Asst. Surgeons for promotion and of candidates for admission to the Medical Corps of the Army.
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