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Armstrong, James Joseph P.

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History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673]: 
volume 1, page(s) 48-49
1871-1938 (July 10, 1871-September 30, 1938). Arizona Medical Board information (1/22/2009): Dr. J.J.P. Armstrong apparently arrived in Arizona and began practicing medicine in 1902. He was issued license #135 by the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners on May 27, 1903, as a "regular" physician. The first licenses in Arizona were issued four days earlier. His licensure fee was $12. At that time, he was 31 years old and practicing in Douglas, A.T. (Arizona Territory). He graduated from Trinity College in Canada in 1893. Prior to coming to Arizona, he practiced medicine in Courtright, Ontario, Canada from June 1893 to 1902. He listed three character references: L.E. Mouers, W.S. Dixon, and Chas. H. Howe. He died on September 30, 1938. This information is from Volume 1 of the "Physicians Great Register." See also History of Arizona, 1930. (vol.3), p. 92. Member of Cochise County Medical Society (i.a.). Note: Per the Register of the University of Toronto for the Year 1920 name was “John Joseph P. Armstrong.” See also Faraway Ranch Special History Study: Chiricahua National Monument by Lysa Wegman- French (2006), pages 53, 125 & 162. See 62nd congress, 3rd session. House of Representatives. Document no. 1168. Claims Growing Out of Insurrection in Mexico… Published by s.n, 1912., p. 536 [p. 547 in PDF]: testimony given circa November 1912: “a practicing physician for 18 years last past”

See History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673].
Quebbeman, Frances E. Medicine in territorial Arizona. Phoenix : Arizona Historical Foundation, 1966, pages 264, 327.
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See also: Hayostek, Cindy. Douglas' First Physicians. Haystack Publications, Douglas, Arizona, 2011, pages 5-7.

J Am Med Assoc, Jun 1905; XLIV: 1947: James J. P. Armstrong, M.D., to Mrs. M. E. Skipper, both of Douglas, Ariz., at Crowley, La., June 1.
J Am Med Assoc, Feb 1909; LII: 578: List of new members of the American Medical Association for the month of January, 1909: ARIZONA ... Armstrong, J. J. P., Douglas.
J Am Med Assoc, Mar 1907; XLVIII: 1036: Election.--At a meeting of the Cochise County Medical Society, held at Bisbee, March 2, the following officers were elected: President, Dr. Fenn J. Hart, Bisbee; vice-presidents, Drs. Charles L. Caven, Bisbee, John E. Bacon, Tombstone, and James J. P. Armstrong, Douglas; secretary-treasurer, Dr. Edward S. Godfrey, Jr., Lowell, and censor, Dr. George A. Bridge, Bisbee.
J Am Med Assoc, Dec 1938; 111: 2321: James Joseph P. Armstrong, Douglas, Ariz.; Trinity Medical College, Toronto, Ont., Canada, 1893; aged 67; died, September 30, in La Jolla, Califl, of cerebral hemorrhage.
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