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Barber, Herbert Gordon

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J Am Med Assoc, Nov 1940; 115: 1892: ARMY RESERVE OFFICERS ORDERED TO ACTIVE DUTY. WAR DEPARTMENT. Following is a list of medical reserve corps officers who had been placed on extended active duty with the regular army by War Department order, Washington, D. C, up until November 8 : ... BARBER. Herbert Gordon, 1st Lieut., Omaha.
J Am Med Assoc, Sep 1947; 135: 131: To the Editor: -- A white woman aged 27 developed a severe unilateral sciatica after delivery of her second baby. This was believed due to a partially ruptured intervertebral disk and spontaneous recovery occurred about a year and a half after the delivery. What is the of recurrence of probability a similar episode with another pregnancy? What preventive measures might be taken? Herbert G. Barber, M.D., Sells, Ariz.
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