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Bazell, James Willard

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History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673]: 
volume 1, page(s) 121-123
Formerly in Holbrook.

See History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673]: "Willard" and "Williard."
Quebbeman, Frances E. Medicine in territorial Arizona. Phoenix : Arizona Historical Foundation, 1966, page 328.
See also: McClintock, James H. Arizona, Prehistoric, Aboriginal, Pioneer, Modern; the Nation's Youngest Commonwealth within a Land of Ancient Culture. Chicago: The S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1916 (aka Arizona, the Youngest State), volume 3 (Biographical), page 228: One of the most progressive and able young physicians and surgeons in Holbrook is Dr. J.W. Bazell, now serving as county physician of Navajo County. He was born in Ohio in 1881 and acquired his preliminary education in the public schools of that state, later entering the Northern Ohio University. He was afterward a student in the medical department of the University of Louisville and was graduated from that institution in 1909 with the degree of M.D. Previous to this time he had come to Arizona and engaged in the drug business for a short time and after his graduation he returned to the state, spending one year with the Shannon Copper Company at Clifton, acting as assistant surgeon. When he resigned he removed to Holbrook, settling in that city in 1911 and he has already secured a large and representative patronage which is steadily growing as his skill and ability become more widely known. He is serving as county physician of Navajo County and is proving farsighted, capable and conscientious in the discharge of his duties. Dr. Bazell married on the 28th of February 1912, Miss Maude Scott of Pinedale Arizona and both are well known in Holbrook.
Sloan, Richard E. History of Arizona. Phoenix, Record Pub. Co., 1930, volume 4 (Arizona biography), pages 576, 579.

J Am Med Assoc, Apr 1919; 72: 1164: HONORABLE DISCHARGES, MEDICAL CORPS, U. S. ARMY. ARIZONA. ...Holbrook—Bazell, J. W. (L. [=lieutenant]) ... Winslow—Bazell, R. G. (C. [=captain]).
J Am Med Assoc, Jun 1924; 82: 1870: Medical News. New Mexico. Conference on Medical Problems of Indians. -- Representatives of the Department of the Interior, physicians of McKinley County and all physicians in the employ of the Indian Service on the local Indian reservation met at Gallup, April 21, to confer on health problems which concern the Indian. Dr. Hubert Work, Secretary of the Interior; Commissioner Burke, Bureau of Indian Affairs ; Dr. John McMullen, trachoma specialist, U. S. Public Health Service; Dr. Robert E. Lee, Newberne, chief medical supervisor of the Indians ; Herbert G. Hagerman, commissioner of the Navajo Indians ; Dr. Rudolph D. Moffet, New York City, head of Presbyterian mission work ; Dr. George S. Lukett, state director of public health ; Dr. James W. Bazell, Navajo County health officer, and others from distant places were present.
J Am Med Assoc, Jan 1928; 90: 297: Dr. James W. Bazell has been appointed health officer of Winslow to succeed Dr. John R. Walls.
J Am Med Assoc, Dec 1934; 103: 1967: In February, 1933, a letter was received from Dr. D. F. Harbridge, Secretary of the Arizona State Medical Association, enclosing a notice from Dr. J. W. Bazell, Secretary of the Navajo-Apache County Medical Society, relative to Trotzky. The county society reported that the man had attempted to practice medicine in Winslow, having arrived in that city in July, 1931, and representing that he was a graduate of European medical schools, had a license to practice in Arizona, and was a specialist in eye, ear, nose and throat surgery....
J Am Med Assoc, Apr 1934; 102: 1174: James Willard Bazell, Winslow, Ariz. ; University of Louisville (Ky.) School of Medicine, 1909 ; formerly health officer of Winslow; aged 52; died, Dec. 22, 1933.

Buried: Desert View Cemetery, Winslow, Arizona.
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