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Ferguson, Ray

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History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673]: 
volume 2, page(s) 237
Yuma County
Appointed superintendent of the Arizona State Hospital Mar 8, 1906-1908 and Aug 15, 1921.
Arizona State Hospital. Milestones; a history of seventy-five years of progress ... 1887-1962. [Phoenix? 1962?], page 10.
Members of the PCMS 1904-1930
See History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673].
Quebbeman, Frances E. Medicine in territorial Arizona. Phoenix : Arizona Historical Foundation, 1966, pages 205, 341: (“in Yuma County, 1911”)

Ray Ferguson. An Unmulish Trick! J Am Med Assoc, Apr 1917; LXVIII: 1139. To the Editor: -- I wish to report an extremely rare and interesting observation : March 4, 1917, at the farm of Mr. T. B. Neely, Peoria, Ariz., I saw an iron gray mare mule, 4 years old, 15-1/2 hands high, and weighing 1,100 pounds, suckling a male colt to which she had given birth two months previously.... Ray Ferguson, M.D., Patagonia, Ariz., Chairman, Committee on Public Health and Vital Statistics, Arizona State Senate.

J Am Med Assoc, Feb 1906; XLVI: 609: At the annual election of officers of the Santa Cruz County Medical Society, held at Nogales, February 1, the following was the result: President, Dr. Adolphus H. Noon; vice-president, Dr. Harry W. Purdy; secretary and treasurer, Dr. Albert L. Gustetter; delegate to Arizona Medical Association, Dr. Ray Ferguson, and censor, Dr. Nicholas K. Noon, all of Nogales. This society was recently organized on the standard plan and begins its work with good promise for the future.
J Am Med Assoc, May 1906; XLVI: 1448: Dr. William H. Ward, superintendent of the Territorial Asylum for the Insane, Phoenix, has resigned, and Dr. Ray Ferguson, Nogales, has succeeded to the position.
See “Hospital Needed for Asylum” (J Am Med Assoc, Jan 1907; XLVIII: 333).
J Am Med Assoc, Jan 1907; XLVIII: 333: Dr. Ray Ferguson, Phoenix, superintendent of the Territorial Insane Asylum, reports the institution as greatly crowded and that a hospital is urgently needed, as patients who become ill can not well be cared for in the regular wards. He will asK the legislature to make an appropriation of $15,000 to build a hospital for the asylum.
J Am Med Assoc, Jun 1907; XLVIII: 2034: Dr. Ray Ferguson, superintendent of the Territorial Insane Hospital, Phoenix, has ruled that patients whose minds are affected by drink or drugs shall not be admitted to the institution.
J Am Med Assoc, Nov 1907; XLIX: 1780: Superintendent Dr. Ray Ferguson of the Territorial Hospital for the Insane, Phoenix, was assaulted with an ax and seriously injured by a patient, October 31.
J Am Med Assoc, Oct 1935; 105: 1289: Ray Ferguson, Escatawpa, Miss.; Kansas City (Mo.) Medical College, 1899 ; aged 67; died August 5, in the Jackson County Hospital, Pascagoula, of estivo-autumnal malaria.

See Orville Harry Brown, M.D. collections [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673], vol. 2, p. 237.
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