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Fisher, James Tucker

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History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673]: 
volume 2, page(s) 246
Los Angeles CA
J. T. Fisher, Los Angeles. Traumatic Hysteria. California State Journal of Medicine, San Francisco.

H. Douglas Singer. The Ideal Course in Psychiatry for Medical Schools. J Am Med Assoc. 1914;LXIII(19):1644-1649. Excerpt from page 1648: Dr. J. T. Fisher, Los Angeles : As a teacher of psychiatry I am very much interested in this subject. Dr. Burr has already said exactly what I had in mind to express. I believe absolutely as he does in the matter of the teaching of psychiatry in medical schools. With reference to the advantage or disadvantage of a previous knowledge of psychology on the part of a medical student, I would rather have students who have had, prior to entering the medical school, a course in psychology. I have had, however, many medical students who have had that training and many more who have not, and from my analysis of their mental qualifications at the time they came into the courses I can not say that those who have had a previous knowledge of psychology are any better fitted for their work than those who have not. We have, in the Psychopathic Hospital at Los Angeles, a large number of patients, and in addition to the work of the junior students in anatomy and physiology of the nervous system we commence at once giving one clinic each week, which is from an hour to two hours in duration, simply presenting from one to five or six cases for his or her edification and study, not infrequently requiring the student to examine these patients at periods before the clinic occurs...

Probably the same person:
See History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673]: 2:246: Fisher, J. [T.?] 1913 – Delivered Oration on Medicine to the Arizona Medical Association. – “Traumatic Hysteria” [Note: According to the April 1913 issue of the Arizona Medical Journal (page 34) the program for the 22nd Annual Session of the association (Globe, May 19-21, 1913) reads that Oration on Medicine was on “Psychotherapy” and to be given by Dr. Charles C. Manger (q.v.) of Los Angeles. We don’t have the later issue of that journal which reports on that annual meeting. If the Orville Harry Brown entry is correct, the speaker and topic must have been changed from the original plan.]

Also the same person[?]:
J Am Med Assoc. 1951;147(18):1773: Fisher, James Tucker, Los Angeles; Harvard Medical School, Boston, 1896; died in the Veterans Administration Center, West Los Angeles, September 1, aged 86, of arteriosclerosis.
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