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Flinn, John William

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History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673]: 
volume 2, page(s) 258-261; volume 7, page(s) 390,391,395,298,404,405; volume 10, page(s) 181,249,252, 334,400
In Kingman 1898-1902. Then moved to Prescott where he established famous tuberculosis sanatorium, Pamsetgaaf (“pure air, maximum sunshine, equable temperature, good accommodation and food”) Note: The “pamset” part is from Osler’s famous dictum re tuberculosis. (Flinn was born in Nova Scotia and educated at McGill.) ArMA president: 1914. Dates: 1870-1944. Sons: MDs Robert S. and Zeb M. Flinn.
Arizona Medical Board record: Arizona Medical Board record: John W. Flinn MD; license number: 40; licensed date: 05/23/1903; medical school: MC GILL UNIV, FAC OF MED; graduation date: 06/01/1895; area of interest: general practice.
Yavapai County Medical Society charter member.

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Chest 1941;7;page 105: Tuberculosis Pioneers in Arizona: JOHN W. FLINN, M.D., 1870- . Dr. Flinn was born in Nova Scotia in 1870. He graduated in medicine from McGill University in 1895, following which he practiced in Nova Scotia for three years. He moved to Kingman, Ariz., in 1898 and to Prescott in 1902. He established the Pamsetgaaf Sanatorium at Prescott of which he is still the Medical Director. This institution has become nationally known for its advanced work in tuberculosis, as well as for its sane and well balanced regimen of rest treatment. Dr. Flinn early became a firm advocate of bed-rest treatment which has perhaps been the basis for the success of his work. His first paper before the Arizona State Medical Association was in 1905 on 'The Best Treatment of the Pre-Tubercular and Those in the Early Stages of Tuberculosis,--a Homily." He has written and presented many papers before state and national societies. Of late years his outstanding work has been on blood findings in tuberulosis and their significance and investigation of the bronchomycoses. A joint paper by him and his son, Dr. Robert Flinn, on "Monilia Infection of the Lung" one of the outstanding publications on this subject in medical literature. Dr. Flinn was married in 1894 to Ms. Maggie B. McKay of Nova Scotia, and five children have been born to them. One of these (Dr. Robt. S. Flinn) was for a time associated with his father, but later removed to Phoenix, where he still practices. Another physician son (Dr. Zebud M. Flinn) was also associated in practice at Pamsetgaaf Sanatorium for a time; he recently died in Central American while on a vacation tour there. Dr. and Mrs. John Flinn still direct the Pamsetgaaf Sanatorium. His most recent paper is one on "Childhood Tuberculosis" not yet published. Dr. Flinn has been affiliated with state and national tuberculosis associations throughout is professional career. He has been a valuable and honored member of the State Medical Association since 1901, serving for many years as its secretary, as first vice-president in 1913 and as president in 1914. [includes photo]

J Am Med Assoc, Feb 1945; 127: 477: John William Flinn; Prescott, Ariz.; McGill University Faculty of Medicine, Montreal, Que., Canada, 1895 ; specialist certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine; fellow of the American College of Physicians ; member of the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association from 1920 to 1922; past president of the Arizona State Medical Association; member of the National Tuberculosis Association ; member of the school board, and president of the board of directors of the Hassayampa Hotel ; president of the chamber of commerce, 1912-1913 ; at one time member of the board of regents of the University of Arizona ; medical director and owner of the Pamsetgaaf Sanatorium ; president of the Prescott Community Hospital staff ; received an honorary M.A. degree from the University of Arizona in 1921 ; died November 21, aged 74, of carcinoma of the rectum.
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