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Ford, (Dr.)

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Mentioned in the 1952-07-10-03 Minutes of the Pima County Medical Society, 1904-1954: “Dr. Lull – ‘In the two years that I have been with the Indian Service, the background has been in preventive medicine, public health. About three or four years ago [i.e., about 1948 or 1949] Dr. Ford was assigned to the Indian Service. He refused to stay on the job unless the Commissioner of the Interior would let him go into the budget and find out what the problems were.’ ”
See also Lull, Lynn James.

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Tsaile PHS Indian Health Center ... Robert Ford, MD, Medical Director. Affiliated with Navajo Area Indian Health Svce. ... (p.63) [date?]. ...
PHOENIX INDIAN MEDICAL CENTER. 421 2 North 16th St. Phoenix, ... Director Robert Ford, MD, Medical Director Affiliated with Navajo Area Indian Health Svce. ... (p.63?) [date?].
Source: Klein, Barry T. Reference encyclopedia of the American Indian, 1993.
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