Fosdick, William M.

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Arizona Medical Board record: William M. Fosdick MD; license date: 01/19/1963; medical school: NWU, FEINBERG SCH OF MED, Chicago, Illinois; graduation date: 06/15/1959; areas of interest: internal medicine, rheumatology.

JAMA, May 1966; 196: 560: The Scientific Exhibit. The Lymphocyte and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Charles A. L. Stephens, Jr., MD, James L. Parsons, MD, William M. Fosdick, MD, and A. B. Stanfield, Southwestern Clinic and Research Institute, Inc. and University of Arizona, Tucson.
JAMA, Jan 1970; 211(1): p. 41, 43: Cyclophosphamide's Effects On Arthritis Studied. ... William M. Fosdick, MD, of the Holbrook-Hill Medical Group, Tucson, presented the other report. Tucson Study. The Tucson study, by Dr. Fosdick and two collaborators, James L. Parsons, MD, and Donald F. Hill, MD, included 108 patients who received cyclophosphamide for six months to six years....
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