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Franklyn, Robert Alan

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Hollywood CA
New York NY
Most likely the “Alan Franklin” mentioned in the Minutes of the Pima County Medical Society, 1904-1954 refers to this “Robert Alan Franklin.”
Mentioned in the 1953-01-08-04 minutes: “The matter of advertising in bold-face type in the classified section of the telephone book was clarified, the telephone company having inadvertently done this in the case of Dr. Nathan Schneck without his request. Inquiry of the Los Angeles County Medical Association revealed that Dr. Alan Franklyn is not a member of that Association and his ad was placed by him personally.”

J Am Med Assoc, Nov 1953; 153: 1200 - 1201: BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. THE BUSINESS OF BOLSTERING BOSOMS. Publicity concerning some surgical activities of Dr. Robert Alan Franklyn of Hollywood and New York has been the subject of a number of inquiries directed to the Bureau of Investigation of the American Medical Association. ... The principal mystery, however, seems to be the identity of the substance used. In the report it is described as "a nylon-like resilient material impregnated with penicillin." Inquiry to Dr. Franklyn discloses that "the substances used by me are not on the market -- having been ordered specifically from the supplier for test purposes." It seems strange, indeed, that a material of such composition is offered to 4 million American women on the assurance that it is harmless, efficient, and safe on a long-range basis. Similar materials have been reported on by plastic surgeons who describe their animal work with polyvinyl sponge. Their report implies at least the prospect of a gristle-like development in the implant which is apt not to be what most ladies would like to carry around with them. ... According to the biographic records, Robert Alan Franklyn is not shown as a member of his local medical society or of the American Medical Association. He is shown as having graduated from New York University College of Medicine in 1941. He was licensed to practice medicine in New York in 1942 and in California and New Jersey in 1943. He is not shown as a member of any specialty group or as a diplomate of any specialty board. There is indication, however, that he served residencies in anesthesiology and dermatology. It is strange indeed that a physician would permit publication of the details of a surgical procedure in a popular magazine when such procedure does not appear to have the benefit of exhaustive tests on animals to establish its safety and efficacy. Perhaps, however, it is no more strange than to find Dr. Franklyn listed under the heading "Physicians and Surgeons (M.D.) -- Plastic Surgery" in the classified section of the Miami, Fla., telephone directory. The entry instructs readers to call the operator at Hollywood, Calif.
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