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Guilbert, Gerald Didra

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Waterville MN
Fort Snelling MN
Mentioned in the 2/13/1934 meeting.

G. D. Guilbert, C. L. Harrington and N. Sedofsky. Treatment of Coexisting Syphilis and Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Medical Bull, of Veterans' Adm., Washington, D. C., 15:(April) 1939., pp. 358ff.
W. Hentel and G. D. Guilbert. Results in Hemagglutination Test for Tuberculosis. Journal Lab. and Clinical Medicine, St. Louis, 39:(March) 1952, pp. 426ff.
Brown, D. W., Jr., and Guilbert, G. D. Acute Glaucoma in Patient with Peptic Ulcer, Am. J. Ophth. 36:1735- 736 (Dec.) 1953.

J Am Med Assoc, Sep 1930; 95: 747: USE OF COTTON TAMPON IN PLACE OF PAD DURING MENSTRUATION. To the Editor: -- There is a cotton pack or tampon, marketed by a firm in Chicago and put out for use by women as a "sanitary napkin," in place of the usual type such as "Kotex." The idea is to insert one in the introitus and the advantage claimed is the added comfort, lack of odor, and simplicity of use. They come in a sterilized pack in a glazine covered box. Of interest to the medical profession is whether or not there are any disadvantages such as might follow the blocking of the discharge, or perhaps setting up an irritation. I should appreciate your opinion. G. D. Guilbert, M.D., Waterville, Minn.
J Am Med Assoc, Jan 1934; 102: 311: "Calcium in Blood Serum" … To the Editor: -- The remark has been made that blood serum calcium determinations are valueless, since quantitative calcium analysis of blood serum cannot be done accurately. Is there any justification for this statement? G. D Guilbert, M.D., Tucson, Ariz.
J Am Med Assoc, Sep 1945; 129: 357: RELEASES REPORTED FROM ARMY, NAVY AND PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 1. New Mexico. Guilbert, Gerald D. ... February 1944.
J Am Med Assoc, Nov 1957; 165: 1294: Guilbert, Gerald Didra; St. Paul; University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, 1927; member of the American Trudeau Society; served on the staffs of various Veterans Administration hospitals; on the staff of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Fort Snelling; died in Fairview Hospital, Minneapolis, Aug. 23, aged 61.
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