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Gungle, Edward Joseph

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History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673]: 
volume 3, page(s) 135,136
Casa Grande
Arizona Medical Board record: Edward J. Gungle MD; license date: 7/25/1913; medical school: ST LOUIS UNIV SCH OF MED, St. Louis, Missouri; graduation date: 06/05/1913.
Members of the PCMS 1904-1930
Sloan, Richard E. History of Arizona. Phoenix, Record Pub. Co., 1930, volume 3 (Arizona biography), pages 371-372.

E. J. Gungle, Tucson, Ariz. Delayed Union of Fractures. Southwestern Medicine, Phoenix, Ariz. 8:461-516 (Oct.) 1924, pp. 467ff.
E. J. Gungle, Morenci, Ariz. Scorpion Stings: Case Reports. Southwestern Medicine, Phoenix, Ariz. 30: 205-246 (June) 1936, pp. 218ff.

J Am Med Assoc, Jul 1914; LXIII: 257: Edward Joseph Gungle, M.D., Casa Grande, Ariz., to Miss Eleanore F. Hartmann of Philadelphia, at Casa Grande, June 25.
J Am Med Assoc, Jul 1938; 111: 470: STILLBIRTH FOLLOWING ELECTRIC SHOCK. To the Editor: -- A secundigravida at term received a severe electric shock while in the bath room from a shock in some electrical modality and immediately afterward she did not feel "life" in the uterus. Two days later stillborn twins were delivered, both of normal color but without heart beats and without respiration. Could this electric shock have been the cause of the fetal deaths, especially since the first child was of normal birth 18 months before? E J Gungle, M.D., Morenci, Ariz.
JAMA, Jan 1970; 211: 309: Gungle, Edward Joseph; Safford, Ariz; St. Louis University School of Medicine, 1913; died in the Safford Inn Hospital Sept 16, aged 83, of cancer.
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