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Hardrich, Herman

Albuquerque NM
Williams AZ

HARDRICH, Herman, Albuquerque, New Mexico, son of Frederick and Charlotte (Schnelle) Hardrich, grandson of Christian Hardrich of Saxony, Germany, was born June 2, 1854, in New York city. He was educated in the public and private schools of Brooklyn, N. Y., and commenced the study of medicine in September, 1872, attending lectures at the University of the City of New York, Medical Department, sessions of 1873– '74, 1874–75, and 1875-'76, and was graduated February 15, of the latter year, his preceptors being the late C. F. A. Orth, M. D., the late Eugene A. Groux, M. D., Brooklyn, N.Y.; and the late Prof. Wm. Darling of New York; also attended lectures at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the City of New York, 1876–77. Dr. Hardrich was in charge of the ambulance service of the Eastern District Hospital, Brooklyn, from August to October, 1875; passed a successful examination and entered as junior assistant surgeon of Mt. Sinai Hospital in October, 1875, resigned in May, 1876, to re├źnter as its resident surgeon in February, 1877, remaining as such to March, 1878; commissioned captain and assistant surgeon of the Thirty-second Regiment Infantry, Eleventh Brigade, Second Division, National Guard of New York, May 12, 1877, and September 21, 1878, was commissioned surgeon of the same regiment; was dispensary physician to St. Catherine's Hospital, Brooklyn, March 15, 1878, to December, 1881, visiting physician, May, 1878, to December, 1881, visiting surgeon, Decem ber, 1881, to April, 1884, and consulting surgeon since the latter date. March 18, 1879, Dr. Hardrich was sworn medical examiner in lunacy of Kings county, N. Y. ; April, 1880, qualified as battalion surgeon, G. S. B., with rank of major,  and between the years 1879 and 1884, qualified as medical examiner to many life and accident insurance companies. In 1884, he was obliged on account of ill health to leave New York, and settled in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in December of that year, remaining there until September, 1886; removed then to Williams, Arizona, being surgeon to the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad, to June, 1891, with headquarters at that place, and from Novem ber, 1890, to June, 1891, was county physician to Mohave county, Arizona. He returned to Albu querque in June, 1891.     Dr. Hardrich was elected a member of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, August 10, 1878, and a non-resident member of the same in 1888; was also a member of the Eastern District Medical Society of Brooklyn; August 1, 1892, elected to membership in Bernalillo County (N. M.) Medical Society, and became its president in January, 1893, to May, 1894; member of the New Mexico (Territorial) Medical Society, September, 1892; and National Association of Railway Surgeons, August 17, 1891. He is also a member of many secret and other societies, including Odd Fellows: Knights of Honor; Germania Schutzen Bund; Thirty-second Regiment Veterans; Brooklyn Chess Club, etc. He is the author of an article on the “Use of Leather Stockings in Medicine,” Southern California Medical Journal, 1886.     Married, August 20, 1878, Miss Hulda Heuber ger, of Brooklyn. Their children are: Bertha Frida and Edmond C. Hardrich. Two children are deceased : Chester August and Emil Fredrich.
Source: Watson, Irving Allison. Physicians and Surgeons of America: (Illustrated). A Collection of Biographical Sketches of the Regular Medical Profession. Republican Press Association, 1896, pages 358-359 [includes photo].

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