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Santa Cruz County?

Mention in: Easley, Louise Stevens. And then there was Patagonia. [6th printing, May 2009], page 50: "Another who professed to being a doctor was "Doctor" Hartmeyer. He was not a doctor, but it was rumored that he was a male nurse..."

Any possibiility this is the same person[?]:
Dr. A. W. Hartmeyer, manager of the Bland Mining company owned by Jack Cudahy and associates of Kansas City, reports having found some stringers of very rich silver ore... Dr. Hartmeyer was one of the early pioneers in GoIdfield and got out some good ore in the rich section around the Mohawk and his many friends wish that he will have his Nevada luck with him in Patagonia. Source: Bisbee Daily Review, December 29, 1912, page 7.

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