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O’Mara, Roger

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“Walter O’Mara” in the 1951-10-04-04 Minutes of the Pima County Medical Society, 1904-1954 probably refers to Arizona Daily Star reporter, Roger O’Mara. During 1951 and 1953 there are four other mentions of Roger O’Mara.

Keller, Jane Eblen. "They have everything!" Georges Simenon in Arizona. Journal of the Southwest 44.4 (Winter 2002): p449(68). Excerpt: Its many charms notwithstanding, Simenon's reasons for falling in love with Tucson are not entirely clear. He had not meant to go there at all, or so he told a newspaper reporter soon after he had settled in. "He was headed by automobile for Phoenix but arrived at Tucson on the trip, took one look about and made up his mind to remain," wrote Roger O'Mara in the Arizona Daily Star in October 1947.
Beal, Tom. Cowpoke Reagan rode into Tucson. Arizona Daily Star. 6/6/2004. Excerpt: Reagan served as emcee at the theater. "His easy manner and humor, mostly of the ad lib variety, made a hit with the capacity audience for the good-looking star," wrote reporter Roger O'Mara in the Star.
Arizona Publisher. April, 1958. p. 7: Best story on highway program -- Jones Osborn, Yuma Daily Sun, $100; Dennis Farrell, Gazette; Roger O'Mara, Star.
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