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Owens, James Cuthbert

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Beloit WI
Denver CO
Mentioned in the 1954-05-11-02 Minutes of the Pima County Medical Society, 1904-1954: “…Dr. Leon Titche introduced the speaker, J. Cuthbert Owens, Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Colorado. Dr. Owens’ subject was “Causalgia”, which was illustrated by colored slides.”

J Am Med Assoc, May 1945; 128: 295: Lieutenant James C. Owens. The Bronze Star was recently awarded to Lieut. James C. Owens, formerly of Beloit, Wis., who was cited for his heroism and his outstanding professional ability during an amphibious assault operation against Saipan and Marianas islands. Through his efforts and under adverse conditions when other medical units Were disorganized, lives of many casualties were saved. Dr. Owens graduated from Marquette University School of Medicine. Milwaukee, in 1942 and entered the service March 8, 1943.
JAMA, Sep 1995; 274: 918: OWENS, James Cuthbert, 78; Englewood, Colo; Medical College of Wisconsin, 1942; certified by the American Board of Surgery; died December 3, 1994.
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