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Reed, Ernest C.

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J Am Med Assoc, Jun 1946; 131: 673: ARMY MEDICAL CORPS OFFICERS RECOMMENDED FOR/OR RELIEVED FROM ACTIVE DUTY. Arizona. Reed, Ernest C. ... Whipple.

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J Am Med Assoc, Aug 1931; 97: 399: Changes in U. S. Veterans' Bureau Personnel. HOSPITALS. ... Dr. Ernest C. Reed, appointed permanently at Veterans' Administration, Hines.
JAMA, Oct 1964; 190: 385: Scientific Exhibit. Miami Beach Convention Hall. Pathology. Ernest C. Reed Jr., MD, Veterans Administration Research Hospital and Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago.
JAMA, Sep 1986; 256: 1212: REED, Ernest C, 91, Dayton, Ohio; Northwestern University Medical School, 1928; died Nov 23, 1985.
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