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Rodriguez, Carlos

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?, Mexico

Edward K. Hudson, Painter: Biography: "...My grandfather was a medical doctor who was kidnapped by Pancho Villa to treat his men in a mountain hide-away. Eventually, my grandfather was shot in the back, but he 'played dead,' wandered through the desert for 3 days before stumbling back into town, and once he recovered, went on to earn a masters and second PhD in Accounting..."
Source: [7/12/2012]

“His name was Carlos Rodriguez; he was of Spanish descent. He was only held for a few weeks before he was shot and left for dead. I've attached his image.”
Source: 7/13/2012 email from Edward Hudson

See also Bernstine, (Dr.) for another Pancho Villa/doctor story.
See also Puente, Ramón: Villa’s physician.

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