Shine, Francis Eppes

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History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673]: 
volume 6, page(s) 94-96
Arrived in Bisbee in 1903. Copper Queen Hosp & chief surgeon, El Paso & Southwestern Railroad ArMA president: 1911. Dates: 1871-1920. Served with the rank of major in World War I and died in an American Hospital in France.
See also: McClintock, James H. Arizona, Prehistoric, Aboriginal, Pioneer, Modern; the Nation's Youngest Commonwealth within a Land of Ancient Culture. Chicago: The S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1916 (aka Arizona, the Youngest State), volume 3 (Biographical), pages 217-218: Dr. Francis Eppes Shine, chief surgeon of the Copper Queen Hospital and of the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company in Bisbee, was born in St. Augustine, Florida in 1871, a son of Dr. William Francis and Maria Jefferson (Eppes) Shine. The father was born in North Carolina and the mother in Virginia and they removed to Florida at an early date. Dr. William F. Shine was an able and successful
physician and acted as army surgeon for a Confederate regiment during the Civil War. He continued in the active practice of his profession until his death in 1910. Dr. Francis E. Shine acquired his early education in the grammar and preparatory schools of Sewanee, Tennessee, which he attended for four years, afterward entering the University of the South in the same city, from which he was graduated in 1892. He afterward studied medicine in the University of Virginia, taking his degree of M.D. in 1895 and going later to New York City where he was intern in the New York Hospital, gaining in that way valuable practical experience. He severed his connection with the hospital in 1899 and engaged in private practice in New York, gaining a large and representative patronage as a reward for his ability and skill. From 1901 to 1902 he was medical instructor in Cornell University, and in the latter year came to Arizona as chief surgeon of the Copper Queen Hospital. Dr. Shine is an expert surgeon, keeping in touch with the most advanced thought in his profession through his membership in the
Arizona State Medical Society, of which he was president in 1913 and is making unusual professional ability effective in a general way by his service as president of the state board of medical examiners. In 1903 Dr. Shine married Miss Ann Barker, a native of Toronto, Canada and a daughter of C.B. Barker, who has passed away. Dr. and Mrs. Shine have three children: Francis Eppes; Randolph Eppes; and Elizabeth Eppes.
Kennedy, John W. Arizona Medical Association : the first hundred years, 1892-1991. Flagstaff, Ariz. : Heritage Publishers, 1993, page 145.

Who’s Who in Arizona, 1913, vol. 1, p. 182:
FRANCIS EPPES SHINE, Surgeon, head of the Copper Queen Medical Corps and Chief Surgeon of the El Paso & Southwestern Railroad System, was born in St. Augustine, Fla., in January, 1871. He is the son of William Francis and Maria Jefferson Eppes Shine, and great-great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson. Dr. Shine was graduated from the University of Virginia in 1895, and from the New York Hospital in 1899. He was Instructor and Chief of Clinic of the Medical Department of Cornell University, New York, 1901 to 1903. Under his jurisdiction the Copper Queen Hospital, at Bisbee, has become one of the finest in the state. … Dr. Shine is a member of the Arizona Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and a member of the present Board of State Medical Examiners, to which he was appointed by Governor Hunt. He was married in August, 1904, to Miss Anne Barker, and they make their home at Warren [suburb of Bisbee]. They have an interesting family consisting of Francis Eppes, Jr., Randolph Eppes and Elizabeth Eppes.

See History of Arizona medicine; collections of Orville Harry Brown, M.D. [AHSL Special Collections WZ 70 AA7 H673].
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Passing mention in See 62nd congress, 3rd session. House of Representatives. Document no. 1168. Claims Growing Out of Insurrection in Mexico… Published by s.n, 1912., p. 545 [p. 556 in PDF].

J Am Med Assoc, Aug 1904; XLIII: 485: Marriages. Francis E. Shine, M.D., Bisbee, Ariz., to Miss Barker of Toronto, Ont., August 2.
J Am Med Assoc, May 1905; XLIV: 1469: Arizona. Cochise and Graham Counties Medical Society. – The physicians of these counties met at Bisbee, March 18, and organized a medical society for Cochise and Graham counties. The following officers were elected: President, Dr. Allen R. Hickman, Douglas, Cochise County; vice-president, Dr. Harris W. Horn, Clifton, Graham County; secretary, Dr. Bledsoe, Bisbee, Cochise County; treasurer, Dr. John E. Bacon, Tombstone, Cochise County, and censors, Drs. Francis E. Shine, Bisbee, Cochise County; Charles L. Caven, Bisbee, Cochise County, and Frederick T. Wright, Douglas, Cochise County.
J Am Med Assoc, May 1910; LIV: 1550: The nineteenth annual meeting of the Arizona Medical Association was held in Phoenix, April 20-22, under the presidency of Dr. Robert N. Looney, Prescott, the subject of whose address was "Medical Education." The oration in medicine was delivered by Dr. J. Wilson Shiels, San Francisco, and the oration in surgery by Dr. Wesley W. Beckett. Los Angeles. The following officers were elected: President. Dr. John W. Foss, Phoenix; vice-presidents, Drs. Francis E. Shine, Bisbee; Ira E. Huffman, Tucson, and Roderick D. Kennedy, Globe; secretary, Dr. John W. Flinn, Prescott (reelected) ; treasurer, Dr. Enoch B. Ketcherside, Yuma (reelected) ; councilor, Dr. William I. Simpson. Phoenix, and delegate to the American Medical Association. Dr. William V. Whitmore, Tucson. It was decided to hold the next annual meeting in Bisbee. The House of Delegates passed resolutions endorsing the resolutions adopted by the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association regarding the amendments to the national Food and Drugs Act.
J Am Med Assoc, Jan 1911; LVI: 276: At the annual meeting of Cochise County Medical Association, held in Bisbee, January 7, the following officers were elected: president, Dr. Morris D. Cohen, Bisbee; vice-presidents, Drs. Harry A. Reese, Douglas, and Lucien L. Miner, Bisbee, and Lynn Tuttle, Douglas; secretary-treasurer, Dr. Thomas Watkins, Bisbee; censors, Drs. George A. Bridge, Bisbee, and Edward W. Adamson, Douglas; and delegate to the state association, Dr. Francis E. Shine, Bisbee.
J Am Med Assoc. 1911;LVII(19):1548: Railway Surgeons Meet. ... The second annual meeting of the Railway Surgical Association of the Southwest was held in El Paso, Tex., October 20 and 21. and the following officers were elected: president. Dr. Frances E. Shine, Bisbee, Ariz.; vice-presidents. Drs. John W. Colbert, Aubuquerque, N. Mex., and Carlos E. Husk, Santa Barbara, Mexico; secretary-treasurer, Dr. Herbert E. Stevenson, El Paso, Tex., and trustees, Drs. Samuel D. Swope, Deming, N. Mex.; H. F. Bailey, Courtland, Ariz., and William L. Brown, El Paso, Tex.
J Am Med Assoc, May 1912; LVIII: 1609: The twenty-first annual meeting of the Arizona Medical Association was held in Bisbee, May 7-9, under the presidency of Dr. Francis E. Shine, Bisbee....
J Am Med Assoc, Jun 1912; LVIII: 1693: Dr. F. E. Shine, Bisbee, retired president of the Arizona Medical Association, has been appointed a member of the State Board of Medical Examiners.
J Am Med Assoc, Nov 1917; LXIX: 1807: MEDICAL ADVISORS TO THE GOVERNORS OF STATES. ... Accordingly, Dr. McLean reported that the following physicians had been selected as medical advisers to the governors and requested to report for a conference to be held on Saturday, November 18 : ... Arizona.......Francis Eppes Shine, Bisbee.
J Am Med Assoc, Jun 1918; 70: 1647: A SURVEY INCLUDING THE NAMES OF CIVILIAN PHYSICIANS IN MILITARY SERVICE... Arizona. Cochise County. BISBEE -- Morris Dabko Cohen ; Robert Ferguson : Ralph Eugene Herendeen ; Edward John Richstein ; Francis Eppes Shine ; Thomas Watkins.
J Am Med Assoc, Mar 1919; 72: 871: HONORABLE DISCHARGES, MEDICAL CORPS, U. S. ARMY. ARIZONA. Bisbee—Shine, F. E. (M.) [=major]
J Am Med Assoc, Sep 1922; 79: 1065: Francis Eppes Shine; Los Angeles ; University of Virginia, Department of Medicine, Charlottesville, Va., 1895 ; at one time instructor and chief of clinic, Medical Department, Cornell University, New York, and on the staff of the New York Hospital ; served as surgeon, Chinese Relief Expedition Hospital Ship Maine, 1900; formerly chief surgeon, El Paso and South Western Railroad ; served in the M. O. R. C, with rank of major, during the World War; died, September 8, aged 51, at the American Hospital, Neuilly, France.
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