Visit Health Sciences Library - Tucson

The Health Sciences Library is open to University of Arizona Health Sciences affiliates, including students, staff, and faculty.

Health Sciences affiliates can access the library during public hours and unstaffed hours. They can also:

Affiliated Health Sciences departments

Students, faculty, and staff in the following departments can use their CatCard to access the Health Sciences Library.


Category type


Arthritis Center-Research Department 0771
Community Environment & Policy Department 4206
Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner - Graduate Certificate Academic Program AGACNCRTG
Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Practice - Graduate Certificate Academic Program ACPCRTG
Applied Biosciences - PSM Academic Program ABSPSM
AZ Bio/BioMed Sci Doctoral Prg Academic Program ABBSLP
Biomedical Sciences - Graduate Certificate Academic Program BSCRTG
Biostatistics Academic Program BIOS
Cancer Biology - PHD Academic Program CBIO
Cell Biology and Anatomy Academic Program CBA
Cellular & Molecular Medicine - MS Academic Program CMMMS
Cellular & Molecular Medicine - PHD Academic Program CMMPHD
Clinical & Translatioal Resrch Academic Program ACRCRTG
Clinical Translational Sciences - PHD Academic Program CLTRSCI
Emergency Medical Services - BS Academic Program EMS*
Environmental Health Sciences Academic Program EHLMS & EHLPHD
Epidemiology - MS Academic Program EPI*
Epidemiology - PHD Academic Program EPI*
Genetic Counseling - MS Academic Program GNCLMS
Genetics - MS Academic Program GENE*
Genetics - PHD Academic Program GENE*
Gerontology Academic Program GERO*
Global Health & Development - Graduate Certificate Academic Program GHDCRTG
Health Administration - Graduate Certificate Academic Program HADCRTG
Health Behavior Health Promotion - PHD Academic Program HBHP
Health Education Academic Program HLTH
Medical Pharmacology - MS Academic Program MEPH*
Medical Pharmacology - PHD Academic Program MEPH*
Medical Student Academic Program MED*
Microbiology & Immunity - Graduate Certificate Academic Program MBIM
Molecular Medicine - MS Academic Program MMPH*
Molecular Medicine - PHD Academic Program MMPH*
Neuroscience - MS Academic Program NRSC*
Neuroscience - PHD Academic Program NRSC*
Nursing - BSN Academic Program NURS*
Nursing - DNP Academic Program PNP*
Nursing - MS Academic Program NURS*
Nursing - PHD Academic Program NURS*
Pharmaceutical Sciences - BS Academic Program PHSC*
Pharmacology  Academic Program PHCL*
Pharmacology & Toxicology - PHD Academic Program PCOL*
Pharmacutical Sciences - MS Academic Program PHSC*
Pharmacy - PD Academic Program PHMY*
Pharmacy - PHD Academic Program PHMY*
Physiological Science - MS Academic Program PSMS*
Physiological Science - PHD Academic Program PSPHD*
Physiological Science -CRTG   PSHSCRTG*
Physiology - BS Academic Program PSIO*
Pre-Nursing Academic Program PRNUND*
Pre-Pharmaceutical Sciences Academic Program PRPHSCND; PRPHND
Pre-Physiology Academic Program PRPND
Pre-Public Health Academic Program PRHL*
Public Health - BS Academic Program PHL*
Public Health - DPH Academic Program PHL*
Public Health - Graduate Certificate Academic Program PHL*
Public Health - MPH Academic Program PHL*
Medicine Department 713
AHS BioCommunications Department 6803
AHS Continuing Medical Educ Department 6808/782
AHS Human Resources Department 733
AHS Library Department 6804/730
AHS Office of Public Affairs Department 731
AHSC Gen Clinl Research Cntr Department 6814
AHSC Init for Hlthcre Improvmt Department 6813
AHSC Research Support Department 6807
All of Us Research Program Department 6815
Andrew Weil Ctr Intgrtv Med Department 788
Anesthesiology Department 715
Arizona Center on Aging Department 712
Arizona Health Sciences Library Department 6804
Arizona Telemedicine Program Department 784
Asthma and Airway Disease Research Center Department 723
AZ Emergency Medicine Rsch Ctr Department 775
AZ Health Education Centers Department 3310
AZ Rsch Labs-Interdisciplinary Department 2511
AZ Simulation Technology & Edu Department 799
AZCOPH Stdt Svcs & Acad Affrs Department 4202
BIO5 Institute Department 9011
Biomedical Communications Department 729
Cancer Center Division Department 721
Canyon Ranch Center for Prevention and Health Promotion Department 4207
Cardiovascular Biology Rsch Department 852
Cellular &Molecular Medicine Department 710
Cellular &Molecular Med-Rsch Department 760
Center for Phytomedicine Research Department 1904
Center for Toxicology Department 1907
Chemistry & Biochemistry - Med Department 708
Children's Research Center Department 772
Clinical Teaching Department 744
College of Medicine Phx Applied Nanobioscience and Medicine Department 662
College of Medicine Phx Basic Medical Sciences Department 660
College of Nursing Department 3301
COM Academic Affairs Department 747
COM Administration-Research Department 798
COM Admissions - Stdnt Svcs Department 798
COM Info Technology Services Department 728
COM Phoenix Academic Affairs Department 663
COM Phoenix Interdisciplinary Oncology  Department 688
COM Phx Anesthesiology  Department 664
COM Phx Basic Medical Sci Department 660
COM Phx Bioethics Med Humanism Department 684
COM Phx Biomedical Informatics Department 665
COM Phx Campus Administration Department 659
COM Phx Child Health Department 685
COM Phx Dermatology Department 681
COM Phx Emergency Med Rsch Ctr Department 655
COM Phx Emergency Medicine Department 667
COM Phx Family Commun&Prev Med Department 668
COM Phx Internal Medicine Department 669
COM Phx Molecular Medicine Department 682
COM Phx NanoBioscience &Med Department 662
COM Phx Neurology Department 670
COM Phx Neurosurgery Department 678
COM Phx Obstetrics& Gynecology Department 671
COM Phx Ophthalmology Department 672
COM Phx Orthopaedics Department 673
COM Phx Pathology Department 680
COM Phx Psychiatry Department 674
COM Phx Radiology Department 676
COM Phx Surgery Department 677
COM Phx Urology Department 679
COM Student Affairs Department 782
COM University Animal Care Department 706
Community, Environment and Policy Department 4206
Ctr of Excellence Womens Hlth Department 6816
Curricular Affairs Department 778
Department of Emergency Medicine Department 750
Diabetes Research Department 850
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department 4204
Family and Community Medicine Department 704
GIDP Neuroscience Department 2533
Global Health Institute Department 4211
Health Promotion Sciences Department 4205
HOPE Center Department 1906
Immunobiology Department 707
Liver Research Institute Department 779
Medical Imaging Department 711
Medicine Administration Department 701
Neurology Department 718
Obstetrics and Gynecology Department 703
Ophthalmology & Vision Science Department 724
Orthopedic Surgery Department 786
Otolaryngology Department 700
Pathology Department 720
Pediatrics Department 709
Pharmaceutical Sciences Department 1902
Pharmacology Department 719
Pharmacology and Toxicology Department 1903
Pharmacology-Research Department 0769
Pharmacy Administration Department 1901
Pharmacy Practice and Science Department 1905
Phx Biomed Campus Instl Supp Department 9985
Physiology Department 705
Physiology-Research Department 755
Poison Control Center Department 1908
Psychiatry Department 717
Public Health Administration Department 4201
Radiation Oncology Department 741
Rsrch Laboratory &Safety Svcs Department 6811
Rural Health Office Department 4209
Sarver Heart Center Department 716
Senior VP Health Sciences Department 6801
Surgery Department 702
UAHS Brain Science Department 6820
UAHS Clin & Interprof Skills Department 6802
UAHS Communications Department 6805
UAHS Equity, Diversity & Incl Department 783
UAHS Human Resources Department 6806
UAHS ITS &Instructional Suppt Department 6819
UAHS Research Department 6807
Valley Fever Center for Excellence Department 795
Viper Institute Department 855
College of Veterinary Medicine Department 140
Veterinary Medicine Program VETDVM